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  • ABATRON in the News

    ABATRON in the News

    I’ve never met Ben Brunick.  In fact, I had never even heard his name until a few weeks ago when a casual attendee of the International Builders’ Show approached the Abatron booth and told me that I “NEEDED” to call him.  I was told that Ben had been using our products on a project at […]

  • “It’s not easy being green!” What our GREENGUARD Certification Means to Our Customers

    “It’s not easy being green!” What our GREENGUARD Certification Means to Our Customers

    Creating high performance products is at the top our priority list at Abatron, but so is the health of our customers and the overall environment in which they’re working. The GREENGUARD certification process that our most popular products are put though ensures that making permanent, professional-grade repairs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of the air you’re breathing while making that repair

  • Abatron joins the Window Preservation Alliance: Standing together to save original, historic windows

    Abatron joins the Window Preservation Alliance: Standing together to save original, historic windows

    “Don’t replace… repair” is the motto guiding the craftsman, contractors, architects, and enthusiasts who make up the Window Preservation Alliance. Abatron, Inc is proud to be a charter member of the organization, which focuses on educating and helping homeowners to restore their existing windows. Often, replacement windows are presented as the only option for increasing […]

  • The 5 Most Common Epoxy Mistakes

    The 5 Most Common Epoxy Mistakes

    If you’re new to epoxy or if it’s been a while since your last encounter with this versatile material, there are several things you can do ensure that your experience is a positive one.   First and foremost, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!   You can avoid many common mistakes by simply taking the time to carefully read the […]

  • 5 Epoxy Projects you have to see to believe…

    5 Epoxy Projects you have to see to believe…

    ABATRON is known for our high-performance, specialty epoxies. We manufacture products for wood, metal, and concrete repair projects every single day. However- the scope of epoxy repairs reaches far beyond the first few pages of our catalog. Over the past few months, I’ve seen some particularly interesting projects that feature epoxies. They can help relieve […]

  • Why Restore Wooden Windows?

    Why Restore Wooden Windows?

    Anyone owning an older home with wooden windows knows they can be a source of discomfort if not maintained. Drafts, sash painted shut, broken sash cords, missing hardware, and rotted sills can be problems with older windows. Before spending thousands to replace deficient windows, building owners should happily consider the many advantages of restoring and […]

  • What Is Epoxy?!?

    What Is Epoxy?!?

                You may have used epoxy at one point or another, but have you ever wondered, “What is epoxy?”  In 1936 Swiss scientist Pierre Castan, with the help from S. O. Greenlee of the United States, produced the first epoxy resin.  John Caporaso, founder of Abatron, Inc., had the opportunity to work with Dr. Castan […]

  • Restoring Wood Shutters

    The following is a link from an article that was published in 2008 in JLC Live magazine.  The link was recently sent to me by one of our customers, inquiring about one of the products mentioned. It is a very well-written article and contains some good tips, regardless of what type of wood you are […]

  • Statistics on Replacement Windows

    It seems as though I share quite a few articles regarding the importance of saving historic windows.  I think I do that because restoration enthusiasts are fighting an unfair fight when it comes to the opposing window replacement companies.  I can’t tell you exactly how much money the new-window companies spend on marketing each year, […]

  • Replacing Replacement Windows!

    Based on the Google alerts that I subscribe to, I come across window repair and replacement projects all the time.  It is far less frequent that you find an article that notes the mistakes that were made that caused failures in the first place.  In this case, the article notes that 20 year old replacement […]

  • Window Preservation Standards

    A detailed resource for window assesment, maintenance, repair, preservation and restoration has been published.  This book has been put together by a collaborative of over 100 window specialists from the United States and Canada. A detailed description of the publication and instructions on how to order the book can be found here:

  • An Excellent Resource for Window Hardware & Accessories

    We have been providing restoration epoxies for restoring windows for over 30 years.  Architectural Resource Center provides just about everything else you might need for those very same window restoration projects.  Please check out their catalog of hardware, pulleys, chains, etc…